Basement flooring solution: area rugs made from carpet remnants

I’m excited to finally have some pics to share of our new flooring in the basement!  Now, when I come down the stairs, instead of seeing cold concrete, I see this!

basement stair landing with carpet

We’ve been working hard this Winter on turning our cold, dark, 70s basement into a usable rec room for us and the girls, and this was a huge step!  We knew we wanted some nice plush carpet down in the basement, but we also knew that getting carpet installed wasn’t going to happen for three reasons:

1) flooding – our basement flooded a few years ago so we wanted something removable in case we started seeing water down there

2) uneven floors – our very old basement floors are incredibly uneven, and any carpet installer would insist on the floors being level before undertaking a carpet installation

3) cost – we didn’t want to spend ton this space since it is really a bonus space for us, and given the need to even out the floors, it would have been a huge cost WITH the risk of potentially needing to tear it all out again if we got flooded

For a long time I considered using carpet tiles for the space, but again, those are not meant to be removable, which was something we needed.  I had heard about some people getting custom sized area rugs made from carpet remnants so I started looking for shops around town that would do this for us and found a great one in Edgewater (Exposition flooring, for the locals!).  I had to buy a fairly large remnant because of the size of our room and because I wanted it to look like installed wall-to-wall carpet.  I had them make the remnant into two rugs since the room has an odd L-shape, but this will also make it easier to pull up if needed in the future.  The seam where the two rugs meet isn’t even very noticeable:

basement with carpet rugs

Shortly before having the rugs made DH and I also finished painting and installed baseboards in this area of the basement to give it a more finished look.  I can believe the difference it makes!  Here’s what the space looked like a few weeks ago as we were getting started:

70s basement before paint 2

And now, with paint, baseboards, and carpet:

basement after carpet rugs

Quite a difference, right?  I was on the fence about also springing for a plush carpet pad to go beneath the carpet rugs, but honestly, I’m glad I didn’t–for a basement rec room this is plenty plush.  We’ve had our 10-month-old own there for play time several times and she loves it!

I also love that we’ve been able to carve out a spot for grown-ups to sit.  This little nook hasn’t changed much since I first posted about painting the space, but the carpet’s light color really helps lighten up the space:

basement sofa with carpet rugs

Sydney is LOVING how much this space has come along because she can now actually use it for active play–exactly what a rec room is intended to be used for.  I’ll be sure to post soon with some pics of this space in action–trampoline, forts, ring toss–the whole nine yards.  I have some ideas for making this space a bit more fun too; stay tuned for more details on that soon.  In the meantime, my next task down here to finally create some division between the rec room space and out storage space so that you no longer see this when you walk into the basement:

basement storage showing

Until then though, we’re happy to have this space no longer looking like this!

basement clutterCheers,



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