Craft nook updates: something is not quite white

One space I’ve been slooooowly working to update is the upstairs craft nook I carved out for myself when we turned our spare bedroom into a nursery last year.  I call it a nook because really, that’s all it is–small landing/hallway at the top of our stairs before you enter our main upstairs living space.  But I’m determined to make this tiny space work since after all, that’s very much what this blog is all about: making tiny spaces work!

Here’s what the space was looking like when I last posted:

craft nook in progress

I had put the big pieces into place, but that was it.  Once I had used the space for a little while I figured out quickly that I wanted a chair on wheels so that I could easily get in and out of this tight space without bumping my head on the sloped ceiling.  I ordered one from Target that I thought would be perfect but as soon as I put it into place I knew something was off:

craft nook table

That “white” chair I ordered?  Not so white after all.  It looked especially bad next to the white storage unit I purchased so slide under the craft table:

craft nook chair

Womp womp.  I know this is an easy fix with a can of white spray paint.  However, it has been cold and wintery for many months so, alas, I must wait for some warm Spring weather to take on this update!

In addition to the new storage unit and chair, I also added a wall sconce for some task lighting.  I liked the idea of a sconce so that I could keep my table as clear as possible.  I used one of these inexpensive wall lights from IKEA, but updated it with a different shade for an updated look (the pleated shade thing is just not my style!) and a pop of color:

craft nook sconce

I didn’t realize until I got the sconce up that the shade coordinates so nicely with my cutting mat–a happy accident!  You can also see that I got a tiny bit of painting done.  I painted the main wall the same greige that we have in other spaces in our house (you can see it best in action in our mudroom).  I still have plenty more to do, but this is a great start!

Before I tackle anything more with this space I plan to make a mood board to help me figure out what look and feel I want for the space.  Which is awesome because let’s face it, mood boards are super fun to make!



I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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