Replacing a bi-fold closet door (a happy accident)

Just a quick post today!  A few months ago, some innocent 4-year-old shenanigans were afoot, and somehow our 36 pound kiddo broke her closet door so badly that it was completely unusable.  I’m not sure exactly what happened, but it was definitely an accident.  Poor kid.  This is an old pic, but you can see what the original door (may it rest in peace) looked like.

big girl room 1

I had always planned to update the door with some trim to make the hollow core door fit better with the craftsman style of our home, but it was pretty far down on my list of priorities.  So when this happened, I wan’t completely heartbroken about needing to get a new one.  We were able to order one online from Home Depot that was the exact size we needed and have it shipped to us for free.  It was surprisingly easy to install, especially because we were able to re-use some of the track pieces.  Here’s that same corner now:

new closet door 2

Not a huge difference really, but this one looks soooooo much nicer in-person than the old door did!  It was also nice to install since her closet was door-less for a good month before we got the new one installed.  Not a great look.  This was not a super expensive purchase either–more than adding trim to an existing bi-fold door, but still not bad.  Plus, now I can add “installed bi-fold door” to my list of successful DIYs here at 2BB.  I never though I could do that sort of thing myself!   Hopefully that bodes well as I start working on our bathroom remodel…

Here’s one more pic of how nicely it fits in the space:

new closet door 1

Sometimes it is nice to get to something on the bottom of the to-do list!




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