Easy DIY bathroom board and batten

Hello!  I’m excited that I finally had a chance to snap a few pics of the new board and batten and hooks I installed in our hall bathroom last year while I was on maternity leave.

bathroom board and batten with towels

This bathroom has been in the midst of remodeling ever since we bought the house 2 1/2 years ago, and continues to be an on-going project.  In my last bathroom update I shared a few small updates I made to get the bathroom looking more like the mood board I had created.  But this new board and batten is so much more exciting!  Here’s what the wall looked like before I set to work. All I had done was painted it and installed some towel storage.

hall bathroom towel hooks

For this board and batten wall, I followed a similar method to the board and batten we installed in our mudroom, including painting the wall first.  However, since we didn’t need as many hooks for the bathroom, I used lattice strips instead of 1×3 boards for the vertical boards.  You can see here from the in-process pics I took what that looked like–first I painted and then taped the boards into place (lattice strips are super lightweight!).

hall bathroom board and batten in progress

Perhaps the most fun part of the project was that I got to use the nailer DH had gotten me for my birthday.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  Especially after installing the board and batten in our mudroom with a hammer!  Here you can see the nail holes spackled, and the in-process priming:

Comments 1hall bathroom board and batten in progress 2

Here’s the finished wall, with the hanging basket for towels re-installed and some new hooks installed:

board and batten wall in bathroom

I love love love how this turned out.  The white makes the whole teeny tiny bathroom feel bigger,  and I just love the way it looks.   Plus, now that the hooks are installed in wood that is screwed into studs (rather than into drywall!) I feel much more confidence in them.

Finally, I got a chance to do a bit of decorating.  I added some dark blue towels to tie into the rest of the bathroom and some initial art I diy-ed for the girls.

hall bathroom initial art

I knew I wanted something with first initials for the girls to each have her own hook but wasn’t sure for a long time what I wanted here.  I liked the idea of something to do with water, so I finally settled on using this watercolor “splash” vector I found on freepik.  If you want to do something similar you can download the free vector drawing I used here.  I fell in love with these warm gray-stained frames (from Michael’s) when I found and used them for our mudroom, and knew immediately that I wanted to use them in this space too.  I’m starting to get some momentum for finishing up this bathroom remodel, so hopefully I’ll have more updates to share before too long!




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