Getting our numbers on

Since I shared some other exterior updates last week, I thought I’d continue with another.  File this one with the other long-overdue easy updates as well.  Our front door got a major face-lift in the form a new paint color last fall when the rest of the house was painted.  You may recall that it looked like this when we bought the house:

front stoop - after

Once painted though, it emphasized our very old, very sad and decrepit looking mailbox.  Not only was it sad looking but the hinge was broken so it was really hard to open.  I’m sure our mail carrier loved us.

front door old mailbox

However, even worse is that our house numbers, which had previously been wired to our railing, had to be removed when we painted the railing.  For a few months we had it leaning against the railing so you could still see it, but after one particularly bad snow storm last winter it got swept away and buried in a snow bank somewhere.  So we spent a good month or two with no house numbers.  This definitely caused confusion if we ever had anything delivered (packages, take out, etc.) and made me especially nervous if we were ever to have an emergency (how would the ambulance find us??).

I really wanted to put up a nice house number plate to the side of the front door, right under the light, but installing something like that on stucco seemed daunting.  And since our door frame is super narrow and our storm door has almost no trim, the only place to put the house numbers was on the front door.  Since down the road I do plan to have a nice set of house numbers installed on the stucco, I went for a less expensive option for now–vinyl letters ordered off etsy!  Here’s what the door looks like these days with the new mailbox and numbers:

new front door mailbox and house numbers

Installing the new mailbox and house numbers were both SUPER simple and fast projects so I felt pretty sheepish that I had supplies for both for MONTHS before I finally installed them.  Ah well–they are up now and we love it!  Now I don’t feel in a huge rush to get nicer house numbers.  But when the time comes, luckily the vinyl ones should be pretty easy to remove.  (Of course, I’m already thinking that I’d like to paint the front door a different color…shhh!  Don’t tell DH!).



I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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