Walk-in Closet makeover (in progress)

Even though our house is pretty tiny, I somehow managed to score my very own walk-in closet in our master bedroom (DH has his own reach-in closet).  It isn’t huge, but it is still pretty great.  I love that I can go in there and get completely dressed–there’s hanging space, a dresser, a mirror, hooks, and all my jewelry, all in one spot!

I felt pretty lucky to have my own space like that, so making the space extra nice hasn’t been on the top of the priority list since we moved in.  However, this was a space that I really did want to make feel more put together–more like a glamorous dressing room (even if half the time I’m putting on yoga pants and a nursing tank top).  The first thing I did was update the light fixture from a bare bulb to an actual ceiling light, and add a dimmer switch.  Which was awesome.  It is a year later and I still LOVE that I can have dim lighting in the morning and evening, but turn it up if I need to see better!

While on maternity leave last summer I finally tackled my closet.  It isn’t 100% done yet, but I took advantage of not having a lot in there since I was between wardrobes (postpartum, but not yet back at work) to go get some things done!

When we moved in the space was the same beige-on-beige as the rest of the bedroom

closet before

All I really did since we moved in was add a dresser and move my stuff in.

master closet before

In approaching the makeover of this space I decided to start with a high-impact fresh coat of paint.  I opted for the same greige color we have a lot of other places in the house since the room is already pretty busy with all the clothes and jewelry in the space.  But what really helped was painting all the trim white!

master closet painted 2

I quickly realized after painting that one of the other things making the space feel dingy were the closet hanging rods:

master closet paintedAt first I considered replacing them, but they are very long and very sturdy (pipes, I believe!) and can hold a ton of weight without bending.  So I opted to keep them and instead covered them with shower curtain rod covers.   I needed 3 of them for this project, and I think there were like $1.50 each…so a pretty cheap makeover!  Once those were up the space was really starting to come together:

master closet re-covered hanging rods

Finally, I also swapped the ho-hum hardware that came with the IKEA dresser for something a lot more bling-y.  Here’s what the dresser came with:

closet dresser before

And here she is with her shiny new pulls!

closet dresser after

Oooo la la!  I really do have an obsession with replacing drawer and cabinet hardware.  I can’t think of a single piece of furniture in my house that hasn’t gotten a hardware makeover at some point.

Alas, I still have some work to do on this space (I haven’t even shown you the other side of the closet…) but this is at least a great start. I definitely love using this space way more now and it is finally feeling more “me.”

master closet after



I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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