Replacing a (very old) vanity

Greetings!  I’m amazed to be sharing this post because I’m really surprised I pulled this one off!  I’ve been thinking about updates to our hall bathroom for years, and so far have only been able to implement a few small changes.  But now, I’ve undertaken my most significant DIY thing yet: I replaced our bathroom vanity.  Can you believe it?  I can’t!

But lest you think it was all smooth sailing…

This was the vanity I replaced:

hall bathroom shower curtain It was old, dated, and in terrible shape.  Although I strongly considered just painting it, the biggest issue was really the awful sink and counter.  The beige color was not my favorite, and I hated that the surface was tile.   It had grout that had been touched up with caulk and just generally looked terrible.  So I decided I needed to just bite the bullet and replace the darn thing.  However, we’re not ready to invest in this tiny room just yet–we’ve spent plenty on the kitchen and master bathroom, and want to save our pennies for when we can do a gut remodel on this guy.  So when I got a few quotes to just replace the vanity/faucet/sink I was shocked by how much it was going to cost.  I got the vanity for about $100 and the new faucet for around $80,  but the install was going to be many times that.  So  I started researching how to replace a vanity (thank you, Pinterest and YouTube!) and found that actually, it is a pretty straightforward process. Simpler than I thought.  So I decided to give it a go…a year ago.  But then with the new baby and all I just never got to it until last week when I took a day off work and set out to get. this. done.

Most of the tutorials I watched were under 10 minutes.  I figured under normal circumstances this would be a couple hour project, tops.  I’m glad though that I assumed this would NOT be normal circumstances because with this old house, nothing is ever normal.  Care to see what it looks like when you pry tile off a wall and pull out a sink?

bathroom demo

Not pretty, eh?  This was one of many things that I had to deal with that were not strictly related to replacing a vanity.  Luckily, I had intended to carry the board and batten around to this side of the room anyway, so to fix that issue I just cut thin 4′ plywood panels to fit, which covered up all the crazy missing wall chunks.

The next issue was that I had planned to update the floors around this time as well, and it was clear that the time to do it was while the vanity was out.  I thought I could do it after, but I could see I would be making my life harder if I did things in that order.  So before I could slide the new vanity into place, I had to start to tackle the floor.  More on that whole thing soon, but needless to say that slowed me down a bit too!

Once I had enough of the floor done (all the areas where the vanity would sit) I FINALLY got to slide the vanity into place and deal with…the plumbing.  Because we were going from a single handle faucet to two-handled faucet, the we didn’t have the right water lines, so I had to go to the store to pick some up.  Apparently there are options for this kind of thing.  I got some from Home Depot that seemed like Water Supply Lines for Dummies–they click when they are perfectly tightened so you do get leaks. I liked that.  I also had an issue with my p-trap not lining up with the drain pipe:

ptrap not lined up

Thanks to a quick internet search (and a confirmation from a FB friend!) I figured out that this flexible connector was just the thing I needed–so I picked up one of those at Home Depot as well.

ptrap not lined up

I was sooooo very excited when we finally slapped that vanity into place and secured it to the wall.  That took about 2 minutes–seriously.  After two days of other shenanigans that was SO short.  Then we applied some silicone adhesive and set the sink into place.

new bathroom vanityAs you can see, we still have some more work to do on the floor and the walls, but already it has come a long way from where we started from:

hall bathroom before

The best part?  Although the sink is bigger the design is much more efficient, so we gained about another foot of floor space–which is huge since the room is about 4.5′ by 5.5′ (not counting the tub!).  Every inch counts in a small home.  DH and I even did a little dance in there once we discovered all the new floor space!

I’ll be back soon with more updates once I finish up a few more things.  Hopefully this encourages others out there that want to tackle a similar project.  Honestly, if I can do it you can too–especially if you house is not close to 100 years old!  I feel like I could easily tack a simpler vanity replacement in a few hours now!




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