Almost there! Appliances, counters, & backsplash

Surprise!  The kitchen is almost done!  I know I haven’t posted about the kitchen itself in quite awhile, even though it is more or less the main event of the renovations.  The last few pieces of the kitchen came together quickly and I barely had time to get to the house to snap some pictures, and usually it was night by the time I got there and thus not ideal for taking pictures.  Sometimes I like a reminder of where things started, so to refresh your memory, here’s what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house: kitchen - yellow And, without further ado, here’s a shot of the current state of the Kitchen 2.0: kitchen almost done 1 As you can see, the counters and appliances are in.  It is hard to see the beautiful counters that we picked as our second choice (read more about that here) because the kitchen isn’t completely done and the contractor has left some protective wrappings on part of it.  You can see it much better in this shot, along with the white subway tile backsplash: white subway tile backsplash & penny tile In the photo above you can also see our one splurge in the space–the inset panel behind the stove with the beautiful marble penny tile.  This photo really doesn’t do it justice–it have lovely texture and sheen to it.  I love that it adds some textural interest as well as a bit of color variation in what is otherwise a very neutral kitchen.  I’m also happy that we chose to go with a beige/gray grout rather than white; the contrast of the grout with the white tile really makes the tiles pop! Even though this shot above makes the space look finished, it really isn’t done quite yet.  For example, the floors, although finished, are still covered up, the doors under the sink are not attached, and the dishwasher isn’t yet functional: under sink not finished And I’m pretty sure that the sliding doors were not ordered and/or installed correctly as it appears that the screen will be on the inside which would be really, really weird: sliding door fail And have I mentioned how much priming and painting we still have to do?  It is enough to make both our heads spin.  DH and I have just come to terms with the fact that this transformation will not stop when the contractor packs up–there will still be tons of work for us to do.  We did this on purpose to save money–anything we could do ourselves that we’d get charged for, like painting, we cut from the scope.  It just means that our space will not looked totally finished for awhile, but we’re okay with that.  We’re just eager to get moved into our new kitchen and get to cooking. We did spend some time there the past we weekends working on some odds and ends and I loved the new setup.  While at the sink rinsing dishes I had the sliding door open and I could feel a lovely spring breeze.  It was so light and breezy and wonderful that it made me really excited to finally move in.  Enough that I’m more than willing to live with unfinished things like this: unfinished trim in stairwayI’m working on a list of outstanding house projects so that DH and I can better focus our attention when we have time on which projects are most pressing, and which ones we can wait on.  We’re both eager to get it all done and start the decorating, but we know that we need to be careful so we don’t burn out! Cheers, G