Changing a changing table

I recently did a bit of updating of the changing “table” in our nursery.  I have “table” in quotes because we don’t have an actual table,but rather we created a changing area on top one side of the built-ins we had installed when we were making our old office into the nursery (read more about that here, here, here, and here).  When we first set everything up, the area was pretty simple–just the changing pad, wipes, hand sanitizer, and a little basket to corral all the diaper-time stuff like rash cream and lotion:

The area worked pretty well for us when Sydney was little, but she’s growing fast and is wigglier/grabbier than ever.  So things were getting a little out of hand in this area–the bottles were constantly getting grabbed and we started keeping toys nearby to distract her while we changed her.  This pic was actually take on a good day.  Usually by the end of the day there are toys, clothes, and lotion bottles strewn about:

DH, as Sydney’s main caregiver, was starting to go a little batty with the situation and it was clear the space wasn’t working.  I also was starting to feel that the space lacked pizazz–especially the space behind the the changing pad–just a blank wall waiting for someone to come along and do something with it!  So we did.  I first set about to fix the functional shortfalls of the space by installing a shelf I had sitting around from good old IKEA.  I’ve seen these shelves popping up on lots of blogs as versatile shelves in nurseries–being used for books, for example–like in this great idea I pinned awhile back:

and I knew I had four sitting in a closet unused.  So I got out out and painted it white.  Here’s the shelf before all the priming and painting (and unintentional framing of Nicolas Sarkozy):

After two coats of primer and three of paint, I installed the at the changing area so that the most often-used bottles would be out of reach of little hands.  It has proved to also be a good place to stash a distraction toy or two.  Here’s the shelf in its new home:

You’ll notice I added another toy (that adorable teddy bear, which was a gift from me to DH many many many years ago!) to give it a less utilitarian feel.  The wipes and sanitizer are still needed of course, but I feel like they blend in better now.  And my favorite part of this whole little makeover is the new “art” on the wall!  This is something I created using Picnik (more on that soon!) that I then had printed at a local print shop for $1.   It is a nod to two things DH and I love–Queen and cloth diapers:

I didn’t want to use an actual picture frame because I was worried it could fall on Sydney during diaper changes.  So I just purchased a $1.50 white photo mat from an art supply store, taped the image inside, and then affixed the whole thing to the wall using 3M picture hanging strips.  Love those things!

So that’s what’s been going on in the nursery these days.  I’m probably a little too excited about such a small change, but I love that it not only looks better, but it also functions much better too.  Win and win!

Have you re-organized any spaces recently?