Move that wall!

Yes, the title of the post is reference to Ty Pennington’s tagline “move that bus!” from Extreme Home Makeover (who doesn’t love a good makeover?!?).  But instead of a moving a bus to reveal an entire new house, we, well, removed a bunch of walls to reveal…the skeleton of our new house.  Yep, that’s right.  Demo has begun!


There’s not a great “before picture” but it was this wall in the kitchen that’s now gone:


And on the dining room side it was covered in this wallpaper:


It was pretty shocking when DH and I went to the house after demo started.  The first time we stopped by there was a huge hole in the side of our house where the sliders will eventually go!  It was amazing how fast it went–it took them almost no time at all to go from this:


To this:


Not pretty at all!  Unfortunately (and not surprisingly given the age of the house), there were some issues uncovered during demo that needed to be addressed before work could proceed.  For example, we found out that most of our wiring needed to be re-done and that all the wiring in our basement is illegal.  Fun!  Also, the original wood floors in the kitchen were unusable and will have to be replaced rather than (although luckily everywhere else they’ll just need refinishing).  

The most exciting thing we discovered was the answer to the question “why does upstairs feel spongy when you walk?”  The answer?  Apparently when the upstairs was converted from an attic to living space, no one ever installed proper beams.  They still had 2x4s instead of 2x8s–so that sponginess was the floor/ceiling bowing under our weight!  Not good!  That, along with some other weirdness with the floor upstairs meant they needed to completely rip out the floor in part of the upstairs.  I took this picture standing about where our  island will be while pointing the camera straight up!

CIMG4041This was, for a time, actually kind of nice because as you stood in the kitchen area you could see all the way up to the skylight above!  But unfortunately there was no way to keep that set up since the stairs would then lead to nowhere.  But it was nice while it lasted!

Luckily none of the issues that were found during the demo were difficult or expensive to fix, so we’re really happy about that.  We figured there would be some stuff that would come up that we couldn’t anticipate ahead of time since the house is so old.  The demo crew actually found some newspaper from 1941, when they estimated the kitchen was first remodeled (the house was first built in 1919!).

So although we’re excited that the project has finally started, we’re a long way from my inspiration mood board, which I still whip out from time to time to keep from feeling discouraged.

Kitchen 2.0 Inspiration Mood Board

Ahhhh. Much better!  I’ll try to post more pictures soon–I hear the stairs might be in!