Easy DIY Kid’s art display

I had been looking for a long time for a good option for an alternating art display for all the art Sydney creates..  I finally decided on this:

art display board

I looked at a lot of ideas from other bloggers out there and came up with this version–a combination of a few different ideas from around the web–that works perfectly for our space.  My version was SUPER simple too, which is nice!

These boards allow us to also make good use of otherwise mostly unused space above her reading nook:

reading nook 2

With the art display there now it feels like even more of a “kid space” which we both love.

art display board 2

I also love this version because it is so quick to swap projects in and out (both for her and for us).  Our little artist puts out a good 20-30 projects  a week, so certainly this can’t be a home for ALL of them, but she chooses a few favorites to swap in every week or two which keeps the display fresh.

So how did we create this adorable display?  Three ingredients: a trim board, some extra large binder clips, and some wood screws.  I bought one 8′ board that had the nice chunky detail at the top (I think it was door or baseboard trim?) and cut it in half to make two 4′ boards.  Then, we used wood screws to secure the boards to the wall, and filled in the holes with spackle.  Then I decided on the placement of the binder clips, marked them, and again used wood screws to secure them to the board using the hole that was closest to the board (the one in the back).  Done!

art display board 3

Gotta love an easy and useful DIY!



I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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