Baby Break

You may have noticed that the posts have tapered off here at 2BB, and for good reason: our second daughter, Fiona, joined us a few weeks ago!  While we get to know her better (and deal with middle of the night feedings and constant diaper changes..) projects will slow down around here for sure.  So I’m planning to take a little break from blogging until things are more under control around these parts.  I may still do some updates to the blog if I can find some time, and I may work on new content for once I’m back online, but don’t expect any major updates for a few months!

Thanks for the support!



The right tool for the job and the importance of shopping around

bathroom vanity organizer

I know we all have places in our homes that seem to collect clutter.  I can’t be the only one.  I’ve been trying to address these spaces methodically this year–there are so many to tackle that I had to prioritize. … Continue reading