Space-saver: the Puj Tub

One of the things we really struggle with when were were planning for having a baby was making decisions about stuff.  Especially as it related to storing stuff.  I really didn’t want our house to be taken over by baby stuff, but I also knew that there were certain things we just might not be able to live without.  I had shunned the idea of a baby bathtub because to me it was the ultimate “unitasker” (if you don’t know what a unitasker is, head to on a Wednesday!).  Plus, most baby bathtubs take up a  ton of space and are only used for a short period of time.  We decided that we didn’t need one at all and thus didn’t register for one.  We figured we could do sponge baths when Sydney was a newborn and then either use the kitchen sink or have one of us hold her in the regular tub.

Turns out, there’s a reason baby bathtubs were invented.

Sydney hated sponge baths.  Even though it was summer, we couldn’t keep her warm.  We tried the one parent in the tub method.  She hated that too–plus she got really slippery and hard to hold on to.  We decided we needed a proper bath tub, but I was determined to find one that would not be a giant eyesore that we’d have to live with from now until we were finished having kids.  I had read about a collapsible bathtub, but it didn’t have great reviews on Amazon.  I also had looked into inflatable bathtubs, but where do you store it between baths?  Do you have to re-inflate it each time?  That sounded like a little too much for us new parents to handle.  While looking into these options, Amazon suggested I look at the Puj Tub.  I had never heard of this device, but I was immediately intrigued. It is basically an insert that turns a regular bathroom sink into an infant bath tub.  Here’s what it looks like:

It has little magnets inside that give it that shape.  The best part?  It stores flat by just pulling the magnetic parts apart.   It had pretty decent reviews on amazon (plus the video from the company was super cute!) so we decided to go for it.  Thanks to amazon prime shipping, it arrived in no time and we tried it out.  For the first time, no crying during bathtime.  Sydney actually started to enjoy her baths!  Here she is a few months ago in her tub:

(The magnets did get a little messed up with all her kicking, but you get the idea.).  What was so great was that when we were done, we just unclicked the magnets and hug it on a suction cup hook in the shower:

This meant that it was also easy to travel with.  We brought it on our week-long trip to Minnesota in August and used in my in-laws bathroom sink.  It was a little weird to carry around, but it is very light and easy to throw into the car.

Sadly, around 4 1/2 months Sydney did outgrow this tub, or rather our sink.  The tub probably would have worked a little longer if our sink was bigger, but she was starting to kick pretty hard and also started grabbing at the faucet…so now we’re using the parent in the tub method.  But now we only have this flat foam-y thing to store instead of a large infant bathtub, which is great for our tiny 2bedroom.

Have you used the Puj Tub before?  Or another space-saving bathtub?  Please share!


I welcome your feedback, ideas, and comments!

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