Board and Batten wall reveal

It’s finally here!  I think this is the most excited I’ve been about a project in a pretty long time–probably because it is one I’ve been wanting to do for sooooo very long and it turned out just as I imagined it!  Let’s take a step back for just a sec at what this wall has looked like since we painted it shortly after moving in almost 2 years ago:

mudroom wall before board and batten

And, without further ado, here’s the wall now:

board and batten wall with hooks

When I last posted we were about 75% done and it was looking like this:

board and batten pre-paint

Since then we painted it with semigloss white paint and added hooks.  I also had been scheming for awhile about what kind of art would be good for the space, so while we were working on the wall over the past few weeks I ordered some prints:

mudroom art

The one on the far right is a custom designed map of Evanston by the same designer (jenna sue designs) as our key art which is on the landing of the mudroom steps:

CIMG4880The beautiful geometric watercolor is a print I’ve had my eye on for over a year from an etsy shop (YaoChengDesign) that I absolutely love.  I had to restrain myself from buying a million other prints from her!

The print on the far left is actually just something I created using powerpoint and printed myself.  I thought a simple greeting like “hello” made sense for the room that greets us daily!  Oh, and the frames were ones I totally fell in love with at first sight when I saw them at Michael’s.  I knew I wanted something other than white for the frames because let’s face it, there’s a ton of white in this space now.  They are a nice medium toned wood with a gray undertone that I think looks just lovely on the greige wall color.  I think I might have to pick up a few more for elsewhere in the house!

The one other addition to the space was this lovely ikat dot pillow I picked up just a few days ago at Tuesday Morning (I actually got two of them–I couldn’t resist!).  It is resting on the bench in the mudroom so technically isn’t part of the board and batten wall, but I love how it ties into the art.

mudroom bench with ikat pillowI still need to decide if we’re going to carry the board and batten treatment around the bench or not, and I’d still like to do a cushion for the seat.  But since I’m still on the fence about a few things, I think I’m going to call this room done for now!  I’ll be sure to post pics again if I decide to do anything further with this space.  For now though, we’re really loving all the extra hooks.  The room is already way more functional than it was a few weeks ago.  All three of us are very happy with how this has transformed our busy mornings!



If you’re looking for how to do something similar yourself, you might want to read my planning post and my step-by-step post.  Have fun!



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    • Just measured–it is 63″ from the floor to the top. That said, I think there’s a fair amount of flexibility with this type of wall treatment, so it doesn’t have to be exactly 63″ if that doesn’t work for your home. Good luck!

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