My sister’s living room reveal (finally!)

Another purple project (in addition to this one) I took on last Fall was helping my sister with her new living room.  She was moving to a new place and really felt like she wanted a change.  She and I worked on several ideas (read more about that process here) before landing on this inspiration slide:

The room was built around a few things she already had–the brown leaf patterned chairs, the white IKEA shelving, and the dark brown desk, as well as that great painting she picked up from World Market while visiting us over the summer.  When I last posted about her room, she had just sent me a pic of her newly painted space, and surprised me by going with a bolder color that I had expected based on what we had originally talked about:

But I absolutely love that saturated color as an accent wall!  Now that she’s lived there for awhile I finally have some pics of her new space with everything moved in and I wanted to share them here.  Her eclectic style is a fun mix of antique and modern pieces, with lots of her beloved purple  and dashes of gorgeous gold thrown in!

And another one  showing that great accent wall:

And I just love how this one shows how she pulled the color for the accent wall out of the painting:

And here you see more of the gold accents:

Sadly, I haven’t been able to actually see her place in person yet, but I hope to at some point.  One of the great things about my dear sister is that she moves fairly frequently, thus giving me lots of opportunities to help her design new spaces.  Very fun!!

So that’s a little mini tour of my sister’s place, and you can see how the inspiration slide helped her as she decorated her new place.  I can’t wait to see what she asks me to help with next!


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