The right tool for the job and the importance of shopping around

I know we all have places in our homes that seem to collect clutter.  I can’t be the only one.  I’ve been trying to address these spaces methodically this year–there are so many to tackle that I had to prioritize.  I started with the mudroom, where we spend a fair amount of time.  Although I still have a ways to go, the new board and batten wall with all the hooks has definitely helped!

Next on my list was my bathroom counter.  I use it twice daily, and the disorganization was really getting out of control and making it hard to get out the door in the morning.  Part of the problem is that all the storage in our new master bathroom is in drawers below waist level.  We knew this could be an issue when we remodeled the bathroom, but since the space was so tight we didn’t have a lot of good options for addressing the problem.  So I hoped that I could become a drawer person (as opposed to a medicine cabinet person).  And while I’ve adjusted a little bit, I think it is pretty clear from why my side of the vanity looked like by Friday each week that I didn’t adjust very well:

messy bathroom vanity counter

Why on earth I ever though that a bowl (which can barely be seen in the back there) would be sufficient to keep my vanity organized is beyond me!

messy bathroom vanity counter

Thus, when I saw a lovely white vanity organizer pop up during a Joss and Main flash sale, I was intrigued.  I measured the space and figured out that it would fit perfectly, and the crisp white color with satin nickel knobs I knew would blend in perfectly with the rest of the bathroom.  My only issue was with the price.  It was listed as on sale for $53 (down from $114).  Both prices seemed pretty high to me so I decided to shop around a bit to figure out if there was anything similar out there–or at least a better price.  Lo and behold, Amazon was selling the exact same thing for $39.  So why on earth Joss and Main tried to tell me the “original” price of this thing was over a hundred dollars is beyond me.  I’ve definitely gotten some good deals from the site in the past, but you really should do your homework before buying things there!

Needless to say, Amazon won my business this time around.  I was so excited that it came so quickly too.  The best part?  This is what the vanity looked like after having this for over a week.  

bathroom vanity organizer

Notice how there’s no clutter on the counter top at all?  Right.  Other than wiping down the counter a bit, I didn’t stage this photo.  It actually has stayed that clear!  It just goes to show how important it really is to find the right organizational tool for the job (and the importance of comparison shopping!).  DH is amazed that there is no longer any cosmetic creep over to his side.  Everything has a place so when I take something out it is super easy to see where to put it back.

bathroom vanity organizer

The unit is also much nicer than I was expecting based on the description.  All the compartments are lined with some kind of soft vinyl that is both easy to clean and muffles the sound of putting bottles back into their place.  This isn’t something I ever would have thought of in looking for a vanity organizer, but it is really a nice touch!  Oh, and don’t worry about the one empty cubby in the middle–that’s where my glasses go when I’m not wearing them (clearly I took this on a glasses day!).

Have you ever found the perfect organizational tool for a trouble spot in your home?




One thought on “The right tool for the job and the importance of shopping around

  1. What a great Idea. Im going to try this with all of my boyfriends counter hogging products, razor, tooth brush, hair gel etc. Thank you for the tip!

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