media den progress!

When I last posted about the basement “media den” DH and I are creating he had just finished priming the ugly walls (some were yellow and others were paneling-clad).  The transformation was pretty amazing even at that stage – from this:


To this:


I’m even more excited now that the room is painted a nice light blue:

blue basement paint

The room is actually starting to look and feel more like the mood board I assembled to guide us through the makeover!

media den

We went with a pretty true light blue rather than one with a lot of gray because the room gets almost no natural light and all the gray or green-blues we held up down there looked pretty sad and washed out in only artificial light.  Lighting will be a major challenge in this room for sure, but it is hard to figure out exactly how to address it until we get a little further down the road with putting the shelving and other furniture for the room into place.  I want to make sure we light up the right spots of the room, since DH will need to be able to read the tiny print on the CD spines!

Next up we’ll be re-assembling the Besta furniture (which you can see hanging out in the middle of the room in the latest picture).  Once re-assembled, the Besta pieces will mostly be for DH’s LP collection.  Once we have that figured out, then we’ll move on to planning for an entire wall of CD storage for DH’s extensive collection.  We’re trying to create almost 100 linear feet of shelving and looking to do it as inexpensively as possible.  It is proving to be a real challenge, believe me!



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