And with a little paint…

Our nursery is really starting to come along and we couldn’t be more excited–in part because we are so tired with living with all our stuff in boxes strewn about the house–but more because that due date just keeps getting closer and closer…

My last post about this room left off with the built-ins painted, but the room was still the old office color.  Enter (once again) my DH–and, with a special shout-out, our friend Candice!  Now we have a nursery that is actually starting to look like its inspiration .ppt slide!  To recap, this is where the blog left off:

Don’t they look fabulous?  But of course we were anxious to get some of the georgous light green and aqua colors that we’d picked out up onto the walls as well.  Remember the inrpiation .ppt slide?  I feel like the room is really starting to look like it…in a much more real-life kind of way.  Here’s the slide:

And after a Sunday afternoon of painting (again, that was DH and Candice) and a few days of touch-ups by DH, we had a nursery that was really starting to look like a nursery (ignore the fact that this pic was snapped on a very dreary day):

Isn’t it yummy?  Of course, you’ll have to look beyond the painting mess.  There wasn’t much time between finishing the painting and having to get the room ready for our (probably last) inhabitants of our guest room, so we didn’t get any pics of the built-ins post-painting but pre-putting stuff back in the room.  But by the end of the week, we were able to cobble together a make-shift guest room for my brother, sister-in-law, and adorable niece.  Here’s a pic of the “after”–with guest upgrades:

Of course it wasn’t perfect (see the miscellaneous/currently homeless items shoved unceremoniously behind the pull-out bed??), but it was sure nice to have the room looking like a real room!  The window seat actually turned out to be quite comfy with the addition of a folded bedspread and some pillows.  I think we’ll keep it like that until we can get a proper cushion for the seat.  I’ve always wanted a window seat and this one has not disappointed.  It is a really nice sunny spot to sit on the rare occasion that I have time to sit…

I also snapped a picture of paint samples along with the fabric I ordered to make pillows with (the same fabric will be used for crib sheets and a changing pad cover) so you can get a sneak peak of what is to come:


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