Getting busy in the bedroom

No, not that kind of busy.  Just the regular innocent kinds–you know, with nails, wall anchors, a hammer…which is to say, DH and I finally got around to doing some actual decorating in our master bedroom!


Perhaps a walk down memory lane is in order?  When we looked at buying this house, this is what the master bedroom looked like:

08011338_9_0We ripped up the blue carpeting and refinished the beautiful maple floors beneath, and painted the walls a moody gray color when we moved in last summer:

floor sneak peek!

And then for a long time the room stayed the same and was often a dumping ground for excess stuff that didn’t yet have a home elsewhere in the house.  Oh, and then that huge bathroom reno happened last fall, and we had to move to a different room entirely!  Then we had to do more painting since we had a new wall and ceiling:

CIMG4688But we finally reached a bit of a stasis right before the holidays last year:

CIMG4723Not too shabby!  But we knew the space could use some extras, like art and mirrors and curtains.  Luckily we were able to mostly use stuff we already had on-hand.  We were able to pull out the curtains from our bedroom at our last place:

staged bedroomWe had four panels total of these great white grommet drapes from IKEA which was perfect since we had two windows in the new bedroom. We shopped around for some new matching curtain rods and found the best deal at Target.  I wanted something with some more substantial finials and even though the Target ones were pretty cheap looking up close, from far away I think they look pretty swanky for the under $30 we paid for them:

CIMG4833The art in the pic above was also from our condo.  The map had been above our old desk and the three-picture frame had been in our bookcase hallway.  The photos are of a trip to Europe DH and I took right after college before we were married.  They are great but I’d love to get some more current photos in there, especially of our little girl!  But we at least now have a placeholder for some.  One thing you can easily see that’s still on our to-do list is to paint that huge radiator white.  It is currently the same beige color that the entire room was previously, but next to all the white in the trim and curtains it looks pretty dingy.  But that will definitely have to wait until the radiators aren’t coming on again for a long time which is still a few months off!

The other update to the room is the addition of these mirrors above the nightstands:


These I scored for only $40 at Home Goods, which was great considering how substantial they are.  I love how much they open up the space since the room is pretty small with the new layout post-bathroom (you can read more about that project here).  This pic also shows a few other things on the to-finish for the room.  First, that poorly placed outlet mid-wall needs to be moved for sure!  We’re also on the hunt for some larger lamps to add some more interest (and maybe color?) to the room that is otherwise pretty neutral.  But other than that this room is really coming along.   I’d love to also get a rug in the room, but most of the ones I have my eye on tip the scales at upwards of $700-800, so we’re waiting patiently for something to pop up that’s more in budget.

I’ll for sure keep you posted once we make more progress on the space!




5 thoughts on “Getting busy in the bedroom

    • Do it! I loved that previous bedroom design so much. That room got way more light (something definitely to consider!) than the new one. I especially loved the texture of that wall since I used paintabale textured wallpaper. Looking back at the old photo made me miss it so much!

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